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Leland Sundries – Music for Outcasts [2016]

Leland Sundries – Music for Outcasts [2016]

Leland Sundries return with more folk rock awesomeness on their new album, Music For Outcasts: the band’s first full-length album.

Six years ago, Leland Sundries’ The Apothecary EP came as a smart folk-rock album, well into the country side of alt-country. Now, after plenty of time traveling, observing, and playing, the band is back with a fully-formed, genre-defying sound on Music for Outcasts. The country hasn’t gone (see traditional heartbreaker “Keys in the Boot”), but now it’s run through so many filters that the band, led by songwriter Nick Loss-Eaton, has become something else altogether. The influences seem to stem less from Son Volt than from Pavement, but tracks like “Studebaker” have the melodic sensibilities of the Go-Betweens. The album maintains a cohesive feel even as it moves through different sounds, letting Loss-Eaton’s stories and character studies build into a memorable debut.
“Heaps of wit and melody… Beautiful rambling storytelling that flirts with pop and sounds a little like Silver Jews.” — Peter Watts, UNCUT, April, 2016
“Scrappy yet ingenuous rock poetry.” — MOJO, March, 2016
“Life affirming… Leland Sundries’ debut album and first European release shows a ton of promise and is a very enjoyable listen. It will certainly appeal to fans of bands like Velvet Underground and Jonathan Richman as well as fans of bands like Whiskeytown and Starsailor.” — Alan Ewart, Louder Than War, February 16, 2016
“Leland Sundries match crackling garage rock with a near bubblegum love of melody. The band’s sound sits somewhere between Pavement and The Archies, with a dose of Jonathan Richman’s off kilter wit thrown in for good measure.” — Robin Murray, Clash Music, January 19, 2016 [Source]

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