London Burning – London Shout for Listeners

Are you from India, Morocco, Nepal, Mongolia, Belarus, Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago…? Prove how indie you are and send us your native shout. The only thing you have to do is record your voice via even a smartphone or a tablet if a studio not available. We will take care of the rest of production. It’s simple. Pay attention to the current London Burning IDs and try to record your own version! Try to highlight your nationality and stress your accent! Why are you a London Burning fan?


“Hello, my name is Sara Dimitrova!” – (in your mother tongue)

“I’m from Bulgaria and I’m also tuned into London Burning – The Right Tune For Indie Lovers” – (in English with your own natural accent)

This audio file can not have noises, offensive content and not to be longer than 16 seconds. Just email us your audio message in any format. We are eagerly awaiting it!
Once selected, the id will be continuously playing, daily!

You can also send your recording file straight to our email address

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Shout for London Burning!
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