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Louise Burns – Young Mopes [2016]

Louise Burns – Young Mopes [2016]

Young Mopes, the new album from Vancouver- based goth-pop songwriter Louise Burns, follows 2013’s Midnight Mass and the 2011 Polaris Prize-nominated Mellow Drama.
The nine-track effort takes its name from a description out of a Globe and Mail review, but despite the title, the new music isn’t all doom and gloom. Backed by Ladyhawk’s Darcy Hancock and Ryan Peters, the nine new Burns-produced songs are as lively as anything else she’s released.
While its title might suggest Burns has collected together a record full of self-loathing anthems, Young Mopes is actually quite the opposite. After facing some tough existential questions about her career and age, she came to the realisation that sulking would do her no good.
She then chose not “to compromise or do that thing people do before they turn 30 and they start writing pop music and it’s a disaster. I just decided to be super honest with myself.”
That honesty led to a lighter tone compared to her last LP. “This record, I wanted to bring bright colour into the darkness that I’ve been feeling for a long time,” she explained in a press release. “That goes with turning 30 and being an artist for 20 years and starting to own what you’ve worked for.”
“I didn’t want to think about any referential era because I’m really aware of people thinking I base it on decades, which I don’t. I just let it happen. And I didn’t worry about it being a schizophrenic record. One song is country, one song is 1980s pop. Whatever, I don’t even really care, I had fun with it and that’s my approach,” Burns explains. Young Mopes came together slowly over the time between now and her last release. Songs — some fully formed, others just skeletons — collected over time on her computer until she was finally ready to sort them, and decide which ones would end up on tape.
“I picked what I thought were my best songs at the time. But it’s hard to really narrow them down because I’m never satisfied with what I’ve written. Nobody ever is, you just have to put your foot down and say ‘fuck it,’” she says with a sardonic giggle. [Source]

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