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“I have always listened to CBC Radio3 but they are now limiting access for those in the US. I also listen to KEXP radio but they are getting too eclectic for me and play many new genres that I don’t care for. I was searching for a band I heard on KEXP and saw LB. Immediately started listening and now it is almost my exclusive choice for online music. I love the station, the music, the artists and the lack of advertisements. Fantastic job and station!”
John P. – USA – Oct 20, 2016

“Last night I saw the band Tamaryn in San Francisco. I just discovered Tamaryn two or three weeks ago on London Burning. It was a great show! Thanks, LB!”
Matt Leviit, Alameda – CA – USA   Nov 11, 2015

“Hi, I like your station and selection of indie music.A liitle bit more up lifting, optimistic music would be fine indeed.Best regards from Germany”
Roy Stratmann, Germany     Sep 29, 2015

“I’m listening to your radio every single day here in Belgium. Just love the music selection. I’m keeping a file with a list of all the awesome tracks you allowed me to discover until today. I think I’m adding a track every week or so :-)Keep it up folks.”
Thomas Vanesse, Belgium        Sep 16, 2015

“Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that I greatly enjoy your station. Keep up the good work and many thanks for the company you’re keeping me many hours a day. ”
Kostas, Greece   July 31, 2014

Hi, Love the station. undiscovered gems one after another..never got bored. One drawback is Japanese’s laughter of ‘eheheheeeee..’ in the jingles since no one from other countries speak stupid like that. Understood that you would like to emphasis Japanese as weirdoo. I hope you will fix it soon. Thanks! Mariko Inoue from Tokyo Sep 23, 2013

Your track selections are awesome, unbelievable ! There is no need to super effort to add new releases, listening good old tracks and bands is good too. Again, your selections are very very good. Thank you ! (sorry for english) Zdravkov Dmkardes April 16, 2012

Hi Music Gods – I recently discovered London Burning on my iTunes radio alternative selection; I’m keeping it here. Very provocative and fresh and new tunes! Thanks for turning me onto some Great Music! You make my day. Thanks! Zumi Vance Feb. 3, 2013

The music selection on your radio station is quite good. I am discovering new music every day, and there is at least 1 band per day that I am becoming a fan of. So LondonBurning is also helping artists discover artists! What a great story so far! Thank you, John Morgan Reilly Dec. 6, 2012

so far, i enjoy the music you play on this station. ive been listening to the station for about 2 hours now. and i like it. i most certainly do not get to listen to this music way out here in Florida,US. so yeah, i like it… Thank you! Tulinen Himo May 30, 2012

Thank you for London Burning web radio. Among gloomy news, turkish soap operas, crappy tv shows and lame radio songs, this is a happy instance of entertainment in my life. So, thank you again for the interesting sounds. Dora Bogri Oct. 30, 2012

you are so bookmarked! I’m so happy I found you! You’re awesome! Thank you! Ileana Popp Oct. 25, 2012

Hi, Started listening last week… I am hooked and I am listening to it everyday via Itunes Radio. Titties, Manny March 22, 2013

i’ve just discover your radio, how amazing you are, i like to listen to new bands can you telle me about the band i’ve heard called STRANGE JUICE i can’t find their CD thousands apologies for my english Don’t change anything. Patrick Faroux Dec. 31, 2012

I just wanted to thank you sooooo much for supporting us and all of the other indie artist’s of the world. It truly made a huge impact on us as a band and also on a personal note. Peace and love, ~RJ RJ Dietrich (Essential Machine) April 11, 2013

I’m a newer follower/listener but I think you all are right on point with your choices!So good!! And does wonders for restoring one’s faith in the future of indie music!! Keep up the fabulous work!! xx Sam Siddiqui Jan. 8, 2013

Hi there Just getting into online radio, but have visited your station mostly, non pretentious and tasteful play list, great stuff. Regards Martin Robertson Nov. 11, 2012